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I confirm that the information disclosed in this application form is relevant and correct and can be verified by references from previous employers and/or any professional bodies or character referees specified. I also undertake to inform MAK JOBS LTD of the outcome of all introductions / interviews to companies or agents. I understand that information I have disclosed may be held within a computer database. I hereby give my permission for information I have disclosed to be divulged to companies or agents as deemed necessary by MAK JOBS LTD in relation to my application for work.

Should I become a Flexible Worker I confirm I will have read and accepted the issued Contract of Employment which also confirms the minimum hourly rate of pay I will be paid for temporary assignments. Whilst on assignment from MAK JOBS LTD I will ensure my signed timesheet is returned to the Branch by 9am on the Monday following the week of work. Whilst on assignment from MAK JOBS LTD I will regard all available information as confidential and I will not divulge it to any third parties plus I will comply to the Health and Safety regulations of all the companies/agents I am assigned to.

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

Persuant to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, I declare that I have no unspent convictions and there are no prosecution pending at this time. I also undertake to inform MAK JOBS LTD of any prosecution that occurs whilst my details are hel by MAK JOBS LTD.

MAK JOBS LTD operates an equal opportunities policy

Do you have any special requirements to enable you to attend for a job interview or take up a position for which you are considered to have the minimum appropriate skills and/or experience?

Upload Your Documents

FULL Birth certificate or Passport photo page. Or EU ID Card front.
Passport front/back cover. Or EU ID Card back
(pay slip, P45/P60 NI Card)
Utility bill or bank statement

Fork Lift Licences

If applying for a driving position, we also require

HIAB, ADR e.t.c.
HIAB, ADR e.t.c.
HIAB, ADR e.t.c.

Work Skills & Experience

Flexible Employee Health & Safety Declarations

All employers must have a Health & Safety Policy stating who is responsible for Health & Safety and the Health & Safety arrangements in place. All Flexible Employees have a duty under the Health & Safety Act to take reasonable care to safeguard their own safety and the safety of anyone who may be affected by their work activities and actions and to co-operate with the Client and others in meeting statutory regulations.It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the Clients policy, particularly the procedures for fire, first aid and accidents upon arrival at the Clients premises. The act also requires Flexible Employees not to interfere with or misuse anything provided to protect their health, safety or welfare in compliance with the Act.

Please complete the following questions to aid MAK Jobs in providing you with the right environment to work in and to cater for any special needs you may have.

Health Self Assessment Declaration For Night Workers

In compliance with the Working Time Regulations the purpose of this declaration is to assess your fitness to carry out night work whilst on assignment from MAK Jobs Ltd.

Whilst there is no diferrence in physical demands of nigth work compared to day work the human body is naturally programmed to sleep at night. The disruption to this sleep pattern can aggravate certain medical conditions, albeit often temporarily. Additionally the reduced access to services and facilities that may be apparent both inside and outside the workplace at night can have an effect.

Please answer the following questions. If your answers raise doubts about your fitness for night work,then unfortunately you may not be assigned to Clients for night work unless you are able to provide proof that you physically able to do so having been assessed by a suitable qualified health care professional.

If YES, are these based on:

I have read and completed the above Health and Safety Declarations to the best of my knowledge and understand that I must inform MAK Jobs Ltd of any changes to the above personal information that may affect ability to undertake assignments.

Aptitude Test

Read carefully the questions below and write your answers in the spaces provided




7591, 0220, 9696






7, 21, 9, 88, 17, 5


Answer the following questions using the grid as your picking area

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